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22. Jul 2004 @ 21:27 Close yo' eyes sho me yo' face I'm gonna piss on it.....
Aktuelle Stimmung: drunkim drunk again....
Aktuelle Musik: outkast, i dont knw
ahh sweet dave chappelle... oh how i love him.. i always seem to be drunky when i post on here. im supposed to move out of the apt. toward the end of sept. beginning of oct.. which would be the month of my birth...day biotch yeah!!haha!! anyway, work is getting better my TML keeps giving me special projects, i guess that is a good thing. anyway johnnikins is comin over soons biotch.. my history teacher is rad!! she wants me take her women's history class, and she even says i can come in after work because the class starts at 3, but i have work till 4!! she's rockin in the free world!! MARXISM ROCKS!! i wish i was communist... well the idea isnt too bad, i mean i dont really like to work... haha anyway im off and up out!!
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4. Jul 2004 @ 22:03 where's the foot in your ass song? c'mon its the 4th of July!!
Aktuelle Stimmung: fulli ate a lot today.. ugh..
Aktuelle Musik: ac/dc, far, tori amos, talking heads....
today we( johnny, jeff, me ) went to go see the fireworks at the same place we did last year. my neck hurts now from looking at all those damned fireworks. i was so hungover this morning. man screw alcohol, its just not worth it, i can never remember what happened the night before and johnny has to fill me in. to make matters worse i cant remember when he's left either, it's ridiculous. my gums hurt. ive been watching a lot of dave chappelle. what a great show!! i love it!! i saw andrea today, she's funny, now she is dating that guy she was just friends with before, and who knew they would be dating soon... hmmm let's see.. me! biotch!! ahahaha... anyway im updating this journal so that jeff cant say that i didnt.. im going to start a live journal for my dog!! BLUE!! hahaah yea!! i want to get a new bed this futon is killing me!! recently got a new celebrity that i look like though this one baffles me, scarlett johansson??!!?? um yeah sure... and now with the blonde hair, the girl from the cranberries... hmm well i guess... whatever...
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16. Jun 2004 @ 21:15 yea it was the starter all along... and i knew it too.. dammit!!
Aktuelle Stimmung: drainedmy neck hurts...
Aktuelle Musik: sunny day real estate, al green, modest mouse, robert palmer
like i said on johnny's lj it was the starter... but to get the full story i imagine that you've already read it. ive been on the phones for the past two days, and all i get is either the borrower yelling at me or i turn around and our trainer is yelling at us... jeez cut the kid a break here... but its not that bad i could see myself getting used to it and comfortable saying things to the borrower that ive not quite warmed to yet.. like maybe you should thing about selling the property because from the discussion weve just had it sounds like you cant afford the payments now or in the future. yea dont think i will be saying it like that anytime soon.. but then again maybe they will piss me off just enough. haha... hey jeff if you read this what are you going to be doing this weekend? me and john are supposed to go to lynda belmontes birthday thing on sat night and then sunday is fathers day so we are having breakfast( yea i said breakfast which means were going to get up at the butt crack of dawn) down in ventura with johns dad and mom, then going to the beach... are you prepared to see me look like a lobster? yea i dont tan well... cya...
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13. Jun 2004 @ 17:45 well i bet you wish it was debby harry playing right now...
so we ( johnny and i of course) are going to get gas and what happens... oh well i imagine youve figured it out... my starter doesnt work... yea that was fun.. so it triggered the conversation of possibly getting a new car.. thanks for the idea jeff.. i mean it i wouldnt have thought of it unless you had said something. but i might look into it. it would help my credit.. so if johnny and i were to eventually move in he couldnt kick me out because i would be on the lease because i would have good enough credit.. hahaha anyway we are going downstairs to hang out w/ john's parental units. they came back from the aloha state... seeesss yyaaaasss !!!
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31. Mai 2004 @ 11:31 home's alright!!
Aktuelle Stimmung: sickstill got the sniffles...
Aktuelle Musik: mates of state. stereolab. the clash. modest mouse.
its memorial day!! yeah i get the day off and get paid for it yes!! ahahaa. anyway training is going by slowly.. i got my hair chopped off.. and john's parental units are going to hawaii next sunday...i need to get contacts i hate wearing those gosh darned glasses.. i also need to make an appointment with jason to get more tattoos oh yeah !!!. im off like a dirty shirt...
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24. Mai 2004 @ 19:21 nothing is certain until you're dead, even then im sure god negotiates
Aktuelle Stimmung: calmdavid bowie, al green, hum
Aktuelle Musik: you'll find more cheer in a graveyard..-LOTR
well well well.. so now im in b&c training. the training is a lot longer than most actually. i dont get on the floor i believe for another two weeks then do ojt training.. geezz anyway.. i probably wont get paid until tues the 2nd or at latest wednesday. god im going to survive off scraps i have literally 38.00 dollars left for the nine days which means i cant spend any more than four dollars a day. i shouldnt be that bad off. and then after that i should be receiving a shit load of money. i like money i have a jar above my fridge that i keep for it id like to add to that jar, thats where you come in-( the wedding singer) haha ... anyway gots to go.. doing some readinss and stuffss... haha
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20. Mai 2004 @ 17:57 i graduate tomorrow yeepee!!
haha yea i graduate from the basic training class tomorrow then do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars go straight to b&c training. haha.. oh well.. but at least i get the weekend to recoup. but then get to start waking up at six in the morning from then on... ouch!! ugh!! this morning i was dying when i woke up didnt want to wake up but what can ya do? haha.. well see you when i see you..
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17. Mai 2004 @ 21:34 well here i am and im drunk again...
Aktuelle Stimmung: drunkim drunk again.. man o man..
Aktuelle Musik: modest mouse.. still, and yep well i dont know im drunk.
my first day @ CHL was a bit boring. Going over mortgage banking and sensitive material and such, but nothing i couldnt understand. Newcastle is now my alcohol of choice. I have a government test tomorrow that im not prepared fully for but i have two hours before the test to study so i think ill be okay. Yeah and that's how that goes. I just watched night of the living dead and i think ill watch it again it was so good.
well.. thats about it for today. remember its never too heavy to lift a beer..
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16. Mai 2004 @ 02:23 hello hello cruel world, thank god the got rid of that amendment
Aktuelle Stimmung: drunkim drunk
Aktuelle Musik: modest mouse, stereolab
this is my new journal woohoo!! yeah bitch thank god they got rid of that amendment that banned liquor.
im drunk.. see ya!!
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